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If you run a small business and want to save time and money on digital advertising, BT’s Digital Marketing Hub is perfect for you. We remove the guesswork, putting your online adverts in the right places and taking care of the technical stuff, so you get maximum revenue and reach.

You can quickly and easily create, launch, and monitor your digital adverts across Google, Facebook, and Instagram in one convenient dashboard.

It’s quick and easy to get started, simply sign up and let our ad builder guide you step-by-step. Within minutes, your first digital ad will be published across Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Once your digital ad is live we’ll automatically improve the performance of your ad using AI technology, while you keep track of how your ad is performing in our dashboard.

The platform is free to use on our Starter Plan, you only pay what you want to spend on advertising (plus VAT).

The Starter Plan is available for up to £200 Ad Spend per month, if you’re looking to grow your business with an Ad Spend over £200 per month then a £34 Monthly Subscription applies for our Pro Plan, with a 10% Service Fee on Ad Spend that’s over £200.

For example: if you are spending £300 on advertising per month, you would choose our Pro Plan with the 10% Service Fee applying only on the extra £100 (which, in this instance would be £10), plus the £34 Monthly Subscription (plus VAT).

We’ve made it super flexible, with no minimum term, so that you can downgrade or upgrade your chosen Plan with no fuss.

Well, not much. As long as you have a website and would love to grow your small business online, you’re all set!

To advertise on Facebook and Instagram and reach even more customers, you’ll will need to link your Facebook business page

To get the most out of BT’s Digital Marketing Hub, connecting Google Analytics will help us understand how the ads are performing, enabling better insights and better performance.